Discipline + Humility + Faith = Hope

Find the courage to move forward after splitting up

Moving forward after a divorce isn't easy, but it's possible. At Targe Parenting, LLC, we're dedicated to helping single parents find their purpose again.

The best parents lead their children by example. Thanks to our certification from the 24/7 Dad Program through the National Fatherhood Initiative, we're able to teach anyone how to be...

  • Involved in their children's lives
  • Responsible for the well-being of their children
  • Committed to parenting, even when the going gets tough

Divorce doesn't have to be demoralizing - it can be the motivation you need to become a better parent. Register for our parenting class today to get started.

You don't have to do this alone

Going through a divorce? Don't attempt to rebuild your life on your own. Join our coaching group to discuss the hardships you've been facing with people who are going through tough times, too.

The group will...

  • Hold you accountable for rebuilding your life and becoming a better parent
  • Discuss parenting ideas that you can try with your children
  • Help you reach your full potential

There's no judgment here. We're committed to supporting you every step of the way. Call 307-399-0241 now to learn more.

Are you committed to rebuilding your life?

Giving up is the worst thing you can do after a divorce. You can do right by your kids, and you can make a better life for yourself.

Our founder started this business when he went through his own divorce. He saw firsthand how difficult divorce can be and how his children were affected. He started taking parenting classes and working with a nonprofit to reclaim his confidence. Then, he took the steps to build Targe Parenting - a business dedicated to helping parents throughout their divorce.

The bottom line? Our founder didn't let divorce take away his happiness, and you shouldn't either.